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drag·o·nize [ˈdra-gə-ˌnīz] verb, -nized, -niz·ing

transitive verb – To ceaselessly claim that one will be vindicated posthumously for one’s beliefs or ideas

intransitive verb – To be vindicated posthumously for one’s beliefs or ideas

What is Dragonize?
Dragonize Metamedia is an experimental environment for my ideas and opinions. It is where, in the name of Science, I let form and function do battle to the death. Often form wins, but I try to root for the underdog.

Who is Dragonize?
Dragonize Metamedia is the brainchild of one Jeff Stein. I say “one” Jeff Stein because according to Google there are many. The word “brainchild” is a bit pretentious, but I don’t see why anyone would resist using it. From now on I will refer to myself in the first person. I also go by the alias Dr. AgoniZe, a pseudo-clever pseudo-anagram of the site’s name.

I was born in the year of the dragon, 1976. I like the idea of dragons — dragons are amazing fictional creatures. That is where the involvement of dragons in the functioning of this website stops. I don’t read books about dragons, watch dragon movies, play games with dragons in them, nor do I doodle dragons in Composition Notebooks.

I was raised in Chicago and still live there. I have been blogging since before the word “blog” was invented. If you are a comrade then you are welcome to add your own thoughts and ideas to this website. I can be contacted via gmail at the username dragonize if you want to get that ball rolling.

I dabble in interactive design, fine art, deconstructionalism, photography, kendo, console video gaming, graffiti, and the short story form. What I really want to do is direct films.

I paint, draw, and photograph. View samples at my account on

Easter Eggs



  1. I like your blog. I too was born the year of the dragon. 1976 was a good year.

  2. Thanks darlin’! ‘Twas a very good year….Allow me to ask what your favorite year since then has been?

  3. My favorite year since 1976 was . . . 1994. I was a freshman in college in the fall of ’94, and it was glorious. What about your favorite year since then?

  4. My favorite year was also my Freshman year in college, but I choose the 1995 part of it….because summer was awesome too, and so was the first semester of Sophomore year. The goodness was only warming up for me in 1994. I’d like to bronze 1995 and put it on a mantle. It all went downhill after that. :-(

  5. Yeah, I miss the nineties, too. Boy, did I take them for granted. Hi Jeff!

  6. Hey Jason! Time for us all to embrace the present! ;-)

  7. I can’t believe 1995 was so long ago. It feels liked I blinked and suddenly it is today. I took it for granted too. Funny to look back and think that you didn’t realize “the good part” was “the good part”. And I’m pretty sure that such a time is not right now for me.

    Hey Jerk.

  8. Boo fuckin’ hoo!

    Hey Al.

  9. I really dig Ghost.

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